SSL certificate update scheduled for August 24, 2017

  • Thursday, 24th August, 2017
  • 08:44am
The SSL certificates installed on the Elirion web and mail servers will expire at midnight (UTC) on August 24, 2017. We will be updating the certificates on August 24.

This should be completely transparent to most users except if you've stored a security exception in your browser or email program.

If you access your web site as, say,, your browser will warn you that the web server said it was not, it was You can tell it you expected that mismatch and store the exception. Similarly, if you get or send email via and use SSL or TLS, your mail program will tell you that the mail server supplied an SSL certificate belonging to, not Again you can say you expected that, and the mail program will not bother you again in future.

Many browsers and mal programs store the expiration date of the certificate, so when we install a new certificate with a new expiration date the program will ask you again if you expected the mismatch.

If you're just accessing or getting/sending mail via, your browser or email program should not tell you the certificate changed.

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