Hosting and mail server migration

  • Thursday, 21st June, 2018
  • 08:50am
During the week of June 18-22 we will be migrating customer web sites and email to a new server. The web site will also be migrated.
The new server uses the ISPConfig hosting control panel, replacing Plesk.
During the transition, email delivery will be delayed periodically as we redirect email for the site being migrated from the old to the new server.
Customers may have trouble sending or receiving email due to several problems:
  1. If your web site is and you send or receive email through and use SSL/TLS or STARTTLS to encrypt communications with the mail server, the server will present an SSL/TLS certificate to your email program that does not match the server name. Your email program will most likely warn you about the mismatch and ask you to confirm that you are connecting to the correct server. The SSL/TLS certificate is for *
  2. If you use as your incoming or outgoing mail server in order to avoid SSL/TLS certificate mismatch warnings, your email may be migrated to the new server before is migrated. Once your email is migrated, you should no longer be able to log into If you can log in, you will not see new email arriving.
  3. If you use as your incoming or outgoing mail server in order to avoid SSL/TLS certificate mismatch warnings, after your email is migrated to the new server you will be telling your mail program to look for email on the old server. Again, you should no longer be able to log in. If you could log in, you would not see new email arriving.
  4. If you use IMAP to retrieve email (which is recommended if you access your email from more than one device), there is a possibility that after migration a device will download all of your stored emails.
  5. After migration, your mail program may ask you to reconfirm any SSL/TLS certificate mismatches that you've previously told it were acceptable.
  6. You may have set a password encryption method for incoming or outgoing email that was available on the old server but is not available on the new server.

Customers with email addresses should not experience most of these problems.

The recommendations are:

  1. If you use or as an incoming or outgoing server name and you can no longer log in to get your email, or you do not receive a test email sent to your address, change the server name to, or wait until has been migrated (scheduled for the evening of June 21).
  2. If your email program warns you about a mismatch between the name of the server and the SSL/TLS certificate the server presents to the mail program, accept the mismatch permanently if the certificate is for *
  3. If your email program warns you that the mail server does not accept the password encryption scheme you are using, try setting it to PLAIN or "not encrypted", but make sure you have STARTTLS turned on to protect your password and email from eavesdropping. Or contact and let us know.
  4. If your mail program downloads all of your email again and you have another device that you read email on, please email before trying to read email with the other device.

After migration, your control panel will be accessible at (and at after has been migrated). The login credentials you used with Plesk should still work. Your email account users should also be able to log in at the same location using their email credentials to control some spam settings.

The new server uses RoundCube web mail instead of Horde. RoundCube will be available at after has been migrated. will no longer exist.

After successful completion of the migration to the new server, we will start making use of some of the new features in ISPConfig.

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